Saturday, January 27, 2007

la la la no point

i had a bit of an argument with a friend in the library a couple of months ago about how we should go about with relationships. we actually raised our voices. i never saw him that...passionate about proving his point before.

he felt that it's better to go with the flow, see how things go, let it be, et cetera et cetera, because learning from mistakes is the best way to grow.

i felt that it's better to have some sort of direction, commitment, even right from the start, because learning from others' mistakes makes much more sense.

last night, the topic was brought up again with a different friend. he felt that being aimless may have its fun and being serious from the start has its good points too, but somewhere along the way, people get bored, tired and that's why it's better to take the middle road.

somewhere along my ranting, i realised that while i am all for a "friendsfirstnoplayingaround" kind of thing, i'm not exactly engaging enough for people to stay interested long enough to like who i am. which basically means i'm shooting myself in the foot. explains the 22 years of singledom, no?

anyway, this post has no real point.

pointless rant.

rant rant rant.

lishun at 3:42 PM