Thursday, December 06, 2007

the list

if i don't write this down, i won't do any of it.

to be completed by 16th dec 2007:

1. see the dentist
2. get a haircut
3. clean my car inside out
4. file my notes (renal&hi)
5. make/buy christmas pressies
6. purchase the following footwear:
- 1 pair wedges
- 1 pair stacked heels (optional)
- 1 pair court shoes (optional peep-toe)
- 1 pair bright, strappy, uncomfortable-but-cute heels
- sandals (all i want for christmas is a pair of birkenstocks *hint hint*)
...and throw out the old/beyond repair
7. get a facial
8. stick up my wall deco properly
9. purchase the following garments:
- 1 cardigan/sweater/short-er jacket
- 1 cotton shirt
- 3 2 long-er tees/tunic
10. idunnowhatelsetoputbutmyOCDselfwillnotendthingsat9

i've just realised that to do everything in my list above, i'll probably be spending around the same amount as...never mind. man. maybe i shouldn't have made the list above. now i'm just depressed.


lishun at 7:00 AM