Sunday, February 24, 2008

back, fat, and burnt

i'm back from "lishun & edwina's great east malaysia escapade"! hehe.

after a week 6 days, of absorbing as much east malaysian culture as possible, i have returned a couple of kilos heavier (i am not gonna step onto the scale!) and several shades darker. unfortunately, i am also paying the price for moving from 2 meals a day to a gobbling contest too quickly and staying in the lovely sunshine for too long - the runs and the burns.

yes, i have horrendous sunburns on both upper shoulders and the back of my thighs from a snorkeling overdose and i have yet to identify the offending local delicacy that has caused my guts to churn.

there will be photos, over 300 of 'em, in the coming days. but for now, i am gonna go nurse my damaged skin (oh why oh why didn't i put more sunblock?!) and work out a suitable diet/detox for the next week before i start clinical school.


lishun at 4:41 PM