Friday, July 24, 2009

short one

i initially wrote a long rant about how my day went. it didn't start out very well and eventually some things happened that, coupled with the usual cycle of hormone changes that go on in the female body, almost caused me to lose my temper. i wasn't very pleased with a couple of people and i spent most of my day rehearsing mean lines to say to them or replaying scenes of confrontation in my head.

but when i reread the post, like i always do before hitting "publish post", i realised just how insignificant, how inconsequential those bitter occasions really are.

despite a long day and the traffic on my way home, i still arrived in time to see my niece stand (almost) independently. i had sambal udang petai for dinner and ended the night laughing with friends, old and new.

all those don't completely make up for the grumpy day i had, but they were a good reminder that some things matter more than most.

this is corny beyond help. i am going to bed.

lishun at 11:59 PM