Monday, August 24, 2009


hellooooo! greetings from melbourne! it's cloudy out and it's about 15 degrees today, although it looks alot less. i am having a hard time deciding what to wear on my museum binge but i guess it doesn't matter that much considering i'm gonna hopefully be indoors most of the time.

it's nice being in a foreign land during my break, mostly for the selfish me time, but also because it's been a long time since i've been anywhere with temperatures going below 32 degrees or someplace where i try and run for cover whenever the wind blows.

you see that skirt up there? there's a reason why the women in melbourne don't wear skirts like that in winter. not without a nice camel trenchcoat to cover 'em up anyway.

speaking of the picture above...i chose the graffiti-ed alleys instead of st kilda yesterday. very very stupid because the weather was apparently "glorious" and i won't be here next sunday, which is the only day of the week that they have a market and i even typed "MUST GO ON SUNDAY 23 AUGUST" in the email i drafted for myself when i was initially planning for the trip.

stupid stupid stupid.

ah well shall have to go on some other day when the sun's out. sigh.

but i'm trying not to let my type A personality stress me out this week. i am playing (a little) by ear and i am spending alot of time meeting up with people (although why no one's free tonight, wednesday and friday night is a mystery). i hope i'll be able to take more photos while walking along the streets during the next couple of days. i'm sure the locals are used to people crouching in the streets with their huge-arse dslrs, trying to get that perfect award-winning shot, so a small person (haha i can fit into an "S" here, talk about a boost in self-esteem!) like me with a small compact camera shouldn't bother anyone.

right. i'm off to change into what is hopefully warm enough clothes and gonna go for a walk before hitting the museums.


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