Monday, December 14, 2009

odds and ends

it's good to feel the ends of my hair against my upper back. far too much time has lapsed since i've grown my locks this long. getting my hair to look the way i want it to has been a lifelong battle but after years of looking into the mirror and not seeing a "proper" girl, i do not regret growing my mane to its current length. it's still thick and unruly, yes, but at least i don't cringe as much when i look into the mirror.


the weekend passed by and i barely caught a glimpse of my father. he was asleep when i got home late on friday night. he had left for work by the time i got up in the morning. i was out the door before he returned home on saturday and although i caught sight of him as i made my way to my room after supper, we only exchanged a good night (that was me) and a grunt (no prizes who) before going to bed. he had an early appointment yesterday and hadn't come home when 4 o'clock came around and it was time for me to drive back to seremban.

it felt odd. i missed him.


i received a mysterious note on friday evening. i had a short break in between classes and was absolutely hankering for some milo kao ais. as i made my way to the cafeteria, i noticed that someone had lifted my windscreen wipers and stuck a note in between one of the blades. it said:

" hey you, li shun,
i'm tall, not-so-dark, and handsome. (yeah baby, you can say that again). i know sem 9 is tough, but when the going gets tough, you can always call me - 012xxxxxx.
[undecipherable signature]"

it was the end of an absolutely horrible week which featured back pain and hastily put-together presentations, so getting a rather cheeky note like that was pretty much the highlight of the last 7 days.

imagine the disappointing anti-climax when a friend offered to call the number and told me that the number tak laku. i sent an sms that garnered no reply. oh wells. it was fun while it lasted.


can friday come any faster? sigh.

lishun at 12:43 AM