Friday, March 30, 2007

the thesaurus entry

when i was younger, i thought that a thesaurus was a dinosaur. i wondered why the archaeologist who discovered it decided to name the reptile after a part of speech. how boring!

it was almost a relief to discover that a thesaurus is, indeed, a boring ol' dinosaur of a book and the name is most befitting its nature.

"and indeed all was vanity and grasping for the wind"
- eccl 2:11

vain - futile, barren, frivolous.

no matter how many times it happens, regardless of how familiar it all becomes...i can never get used to it. it hurts, yet i toil. i repent and still fall. all in vain. all in vain.

"tonight you arrested my mind when you came to my defense
with a knife in the shape of your mouth, in the form of your body
with the wrath of a god
oh you stood by me, and i'll stand by my belief
like you stood by me, i'll stand by mine, stand by my belief"

belief - faith, confidence, trust.

the past week has been a somewhat emotional one for me. i felt so vulnerable and defenseless, insecure and exposed. like cellophane. i sensed people's stares going right through me like i were cellophane.

and this song came out of nowhere. it was just there. it wrapped me tight and kept me safe, for reasons i cannot understand.

in the shape of your mouth, in the form of your body, with the wrath of a god.

"science and art have that in common that everyday things seem to them new and attractive"
- friedrich nietzsche

attractive - alluring, handsome, enthralling

to be honest, i wanted to write about how i'm going to drop out of med school, enroll in a business management course in nus and snag myself one of the s'pore cleo 50 most eligible bachelors since our southern neighbours seem to have the larger pool of ridiculously attractive men (it's baffling!).

then, i came across the above quote and it just seemed more suitable considering the sort of theme i've had going on for the last two entries. science and art. facts and beauty. insight from a great philosopher.

how appropriate.

lishun at 10:28 PM