Sunday, April 01, 2007

happy april fools' day!

inspired by priscilla's game during life group last week, and in the spirit of april fools' day today, i have come up with the following 5 scenarios...among which 4 really did happen to me and one is just me telling porkies.

let's see if you can spot the lie. =)

scenario #1
once, during a piano lesson, i felt a tad nauseous. my teacher noticed i looked a little pale and suggested that i took a water break. as i walked towards the kitchen, i told myself that all i needed to do was lie down and close my eyes for a bit.

the next thing i knew, my grandmother and my piano teacher were crouching right next to me, slapping my cheeks in an attempt to wake me up.

till this day, i have no idea why i fainted like that.

scenario #2
when i was in primary school in hong kong, i teased a friend of mine about having a crush on a boy from the next class. pretty soon my little clique of girl friends (omg 8-yr-olds have cliques?!) managed to spread the rumours all through our 4th grade. i even wrote a little book with poetry and silly short stories about the "couple".

anyway, the girl got pretty hurt and declared me her enemy. she called me one day to tell me how angry she was and we cried with each other over the phone. we didn't stay friends after that.

scenario #3
on my first day of secondary school, all the students were assigned to different classes. i sat in a row with my friends who were from "sekolah-sekolah lain" and waited for my name to be called.

after what seemed like ages, i heard my name and stood up to join my new classmates. however, since we were sitting for so long, my legs were numb and, to my horror, gave way as i made my way towards the front. i almost fell on a boy who, in a fit of rage, called me a "fat bitch".

that was pretty traumatising.

scenario #4
one of the happiest moments of my life was when my dog, may-may came to live with me. it was a couple of weeks before chinese new year and my uncle just called up to say that a stray puppy had wandered into his house and wouldn't go away so do i want to keep her?

i was 12. i loved dogs (and still do). i jumped at the chance!

my grandmother was less thrilled. she hated dogs. however, she saw how happy i was when my darling arrived and, after much pleading, she allowed me to keep may-may. in order to "initiate" the dog into the family, she picked my new puppy up and brought her to the ancestral altar to introduce her to my great-grandparents.

scenario #5
during a flag day event in singapore, a man approached me and said, "today is my daughter's birthday. i am very happy today. you look alot like my daughter, so here's 5 dollars. don't put it into the can, ok? go and buy something nice for yourself."

needless to say, i was pretty stunned.

i put the 5 dollars into the can.


so, which one's false? =P

lishun at 10:57 AM