Saturday, May 19, 2007

don't wait

"don't wait, don't wait
the lights will flash and fade away
the days will pass you by, so don't wait
to lay your armour down"
- don't wait by dashboard confessional

i haven't put on my running shoes for quite awhile now. for some reason, i just have not found the enthusiasm to go outside and let my blood rush through my body a little faster. it's not like me to say no to adrenaline, especially if it's adrenaline that doesn't involve free falling.

but today, with its suffocating humidity - i can almost hear the damp soaking through the air - i took a look at the heavy skies outside my window and decided that it's time to let my legs carry me through more than just another doorway. i felt the need to get drenched. if the rain comes, i'll revel in it. if it doesn't, i'll save my rain dance for another day.

as i turned my trusty source of music on, the song playing spoke to me in a way i had never heard before. the road is now a sudden sea and suddenly you're deep enough to lay your armour down. lay your armour down. lay your armour down.

for a moment, i stretched out my arms and felt drops of impatience fall on me. life is passing by me and yet i'm still not there. 3 years more till graduation. 5 more years to competency. millions of seconds more till actual healing comes from my hands.

lay my armour down.

i need to do more rain dances and listen more closely to the Voice that loves me. i need to run through stagnant air and breathe the moisture that creeps through my pores. i need to stop waiting and strip myself bare of everything save what constitutes my being.

there will never be a better time.

lishun at 5:59 PM