Tuesday, May 01, 2007

a question

"hey lishun, have you ever thought of how your wedding dress would look like?"


the sky is a clear blue on that beautiful saturday afternoon. a gentle breeze rustles the leaves on the vines that curl up the pillars of the gazebo, framing the three figures, waiting at the entrance. the one in the centre has a thick book in his hands, while another holds a small velvet box. as for the third, his smile twitches as he nervously fiddles with the purple scarf in his breast pocket. he looks down the aisle before him in anticipation, past the carpet on the grass, past the loved ones that line the path, searching for the one who would soon join him at the gazebo.

right on cue, the pianist starts playing the first few chords announcing her arrival. she almost floats into the picture, the figure in white, her hands grasping a bouquet of crimson gerbera daisies tied with a purple ribbon to match his scarf. the train of her beaded vintage gown trails behind her as her bridesmaids walk cautiously to avoid stepping on it. her neck and shoulders are bare save for her mother's prized pearl necklace, lovingly presented to her just the night before. but those details matter nothing to her as she focuses on making her way to the man waiting for her at the steps, his grin sweeping aside every bit of anxiety he felt before.

as she reaches the gazebo, he takes her hands and for the brief moment before the priest begins the ceremony, they both know that they have nothing to worry about.


"nola. not even a potential groom in sight, want to think about wedding dress some more ah?"

lishun at 5:00 PM