Thursday, April 12, 2007

worth the breath

"this is the land of a thousand words
but it seems so few are worth the breath to say"
- land of a thousand words by scissor sisters

here are the few that are worth the breath:

don't take me for granted - i might just harden my heart to you.


yes, i'm back from kkb. it was 4 days of oestrogen and enthusiasm overload, with a couple of stretched tempers along the way. i did have fun, although i was pretty dead by the last day...but that was mainly because some of us girls decided to stay up till 5 to watch the united and chelsea matches.

it'll be yet another busy weekend starting tomorrow. will be off to port dickson for cf camp with the other sob-ies. i'm looking extremely forward to this, despite having three or four long overdue things to do. it's getting to be a really bad habit, that.

anyway. will be back (hopefully) on monday. =)

lishun at 8:18 AM