Wednesday, September 26, 2007

confused joy

i guess we were all so afraid to claim a premature victory that the look on everyone's faces as we were announced winners of the cheerleading event, and hence overall champions, can be best described as confused joy.

i don't think there's any way to write about the whole journey and do it justice...from clueless freshies who just didn't want to finish last, to eager sem3s wanting to rain on our seniors' parade like they did the year before, to the seniors who made the best out of every single situation because it's our very last shot at claiming the title of being champions...

...and when we did? the split second of bewilderment that came after the annoucement, followed by the absolute complete exhilaration, was priceless.

well done, m205! it was a well-deserved victory! =)

the imu cup 2007 champs - m205!

we only have one medal each...but they're both GOLD!

lishun at 1:22 AM