Friday, October 19, 2007

no it's not what you think

when i think about my parents, i think about how amazing it is for them to still be together after almost 40 years of marriage. they're total opposites personality-wise; my father's an impatient straight-talker while my mother's a sensitive but stubborn woman.

from the way they talk to one another, you would think that they stuck through those years solely because they saw marriage as an unbreakable covenant rather than out of love for the other party. despite the apparent lack of affection between them, my mother feels at a loss whenever my dad's out of the country and apparently there was a time when my father told my mum that he'd die if she ever left him. i raised my eyebrows at that story because it's a well-known fact that he's the least romantic man in the world. but then, they do take their evening walks hand-in-hand so that should be proof enough of how they feel towards each other.

how much of that is due to convenience, comfort and familiarity rather than actual love? i doubt i will ever be able to judge that quantitatively. however, it's extremely encouraging to know that even the most unlikely couple is able to grow old and raise children successfully. it gives me hope that things will work out somehow for me too.

lishun at 10:13 PM