Wednesday, December 26, 2007

another list

5 more days to eos, 10 more days till the holiday festivities begin! so i'm making a list, checking it twice, gonna make sure everything comes out nice. =) presenting...the list of things to do before i start clinical school!

1. go to the little red dot at least twice (ok fine depending on how much money i have)
2. get started on a proper weight loss program
3. visit the following places:
- port dickson
- langkawi
- tioman
- tunku abdul rahman park in kk
- penang (for food this time...had enough of batu ferringhi thanks)
- cherating
- melbourne yeah, dream on!
4. learn to perfect the following dishes:
- chicken curry
- steamed chicken
- stir-fried veg
- some kinda easily reproducible soup
5. get the hang of doing proper wet market shopping
6. work/volunteer at church (haven't decided yet)
7. go on at least 3 photography practices in kl/singapore
8. purchase the following items:
- external hard disk
- strappy, colourful high heels
- 2 cotton blouses
- dorothy perkins black slacks
- some other stuff i can't think of at the mo
9. move my blog to wordpress (eep!)
10. sit through mandarin lessons with my mother, without wincing (urgh!)

this list is fully modifiable and expandable. it's basically just something for me to look forward to, help me feel a little better right now. can't wait can't wait can't wait!

lishun at 7:33 AM