Monday, January 21, 2008

the cliff and the ocean

once upon a time, a limestone cliff fell in love with the turquoise ocean. he delighted in her company and appreciated her waves of concern whenever she came by to see him. they spent alot of time together, laughing over their misadventures, gossiping about mutual acquaintances. the cliff felt the ocean was a major part of his life and he longed for their friendship to become more exclusive.

however, the ocean had other friends who cared for her as well. the beach was a close friend, as was the albatross who often dropped by to share stories of faraway lands. the cliff was very jealous of the ocean's other friends, although he was glad that she would never be in want.

the ocean eventually drew farther and farther away from the cliff as the environment around them changed. she still stopped for a kind word or two whenever they met, but otherwise their friendship slowly waned. the cliff found new company with the rocks he never really noticed until the ocean stopped being a major part of his life. he also made friends with the seals that lived in the caves exposed as the tide fell.

despite all that, he never forgot the ocean and he hoped that she never forgot about him.

the end.

lishun at 11:09 PM