Thursday, January 10, 2008

be with me now

so i found the house. i found the housemates. they needed a place too because their previous arrangements weren't working out. great! it was the perfect house, perfect location and the perfect people.

i guess i celebrated too soon.

you know what, Lord? You told me not to worry, and i believed You. for awhile, i thought that that assurance had materialised into something real.

now, it has fallen apart. i am so disappointed that i don't even know what to tell my mother, my faithful one other housemate and the house owner that i had settled everything with. i'm still dumbstruck by how quickly everything turned from nicely arranged to disarray once more.

to be honest, i am tempted to bitch about what's happened. i want to scream and shout and cry and curse. i am beyond disappointed. i am angry and tired and frustrated. i will not keep a grudge against anyone, but i cannot hide the fact that i am less than thrilled about what happened.

still, if You told me not to worry, then i won't. if You say You've got it covered, then You have.

just be with me now as i go down and break the news to my mother.


God is good all the time. and all the time, God is good. my mother understood, the house owner understood, and i have a week to look for new housemates. Lord, please give me clean ones. thanks. =)

lishun at 9:32 PM