Thursday, January 03, 2008


adultery is wrong. secretly taping someone committing adultery is wrong. using a sex tape with intentions of bringing someone down is wrong. hypocrisy is wrong.


he was wrong. the people who taped and distributed the dvds are wrong. his political rivals are wrong. the rakyat are wrong.

then what would have been the most ideal outcome?


it pisses me off that the world believes it's alright to screw around as long as you don't get caught. or it's okay to buy out the people who catch you so things stay quiet. or whatever.

i can't help but be "holier than thou" and say that he just shouldn't have done it. that way, no one could have taped and distributed videos of him doing it. his competitors would have to find something else to hold against him. the people would have stuck to passing judgment on britney spears instead.

i'm sad to see him go, shot down in a blaze of shame, because he was doing his job pretty well.

there are a million other issues to bring up when discussing this issue - invasion of privacy, other politicians caught in the act, how else he could have handled the situation besides coming straight out with a confession, whether he was stupid for doing so - but what's wrong is wrong.

and, in the words of debbie teh, "we have no boss anymore" because of it all.


do i think he should be forgiven and shouldn't have resigned?

if anyone has the grace to forgive, then yes he should be forgiven. as for the resignation, i believe he did what he felt was best to do. whether it was forced or otherwise, there was definitely alot of thought put into it. i just wish he didn't go down this way.

lishun at 3:13 PM