Monday, February 04, 2008


no, i have not turned into someone that does tHiS. of course, i did go through one of those phases where my name became ShUni3z or LiShuNzZzZz but those days are looooooong gone.


thanks to pastor steven, i now have on my hands a 1979 nikon EM (geddit? ErM? geddit?).

it's a (almost) fully manual slr, down to the focusing and film rewinding. it's a whole new experience and very different from the gorgeous canggih stuff ben has so kindly taught me to use in the last couple of months, but i am actually up for the challenge. will probably spend tomorrow exploring the thing, especially since there's a roll of film in it...something i didn't realise until i found the, err, film winding lever (???) and discovered that it was what made the film move, hence allowing me to actually get the shutter working.

item no.5

wait. i just indirectly betrayed my pastor's age, didn't i? oops. heh.

the point is, who knows? i may just end up enamoured by the nikon EM's charm. it was, after all, designed with female beginner photographers in mind and i am, in every definition of the phrase, a female beginner photographer.

for now, i am going to amuse myself with the pictures in the online manual. they're quite funny in a quaint sort of way, no? lol.


lishun at 10:48 PM