Thursday, March 27, 2008


perhaps i've been quick to label people and situations as childish and unimportant. i am sorry if my advice has led anyone astray. however, i don't believe in sugarcoating things, i don't believe in least not past a certain point. Jesus may have used parables when teaching, but His points were always clear to those to were meant to hear it at that time. He never downplayed His task on earth, His words were sharp to the ears that were meant to receive them. so if you were offended, if you were seeking sweet consolations instead of what i've been moved to say to've come to the wrong place. maybe you should take a better look at yourself and run your thoughts by God. maybe i could have been both strict yet gentle, in the same way Jesus responded to martha. either way, we both have something to learn and there's no use being unyielding about it all.

so yes, woe be to the one through whom things that cause sin have come. but woe also to the one whose heart is hardened to God's word.

lishun at 7:06 PM