Tuesday, May 06, 2008

single best answer

lishun is a 3rd year medical student who will undergo a 2-month-long elective period between march-may 2009. she has a wide range of interests and her family's consent to pursue whatever she would like to do during those 2 months. at the end of the 2 months, lishun should:

(a) have 4 articles published in the local newspaper.
(b) know everything about the american health system.
(c) be able to fake a convincing australian accent.
(d) be familiar with the nooks and crannies of queen elizabeth hospital, kk.
(e) impress future employers with her work as a volunteer.


the above is an example of a question where every option is correct, but only one is the most accurate. you know, one of those questions where you're bound to get screwed no matter what answer you shade into the optical answer sheet.

i feel like i'm in a nightmare exam right now. one would think 2 months to do as i please would be a source of joy rather than a reason to down more paracetamol. aargh. aargh.

lishun at 9:34 PM