Tuesday, July 01, 2008


it took forever for me to even gain access to this page, thanks to the suckiness that is streamyx. and yet here i am, presented with the golden opportunity to publish whatever's been lurking in the corners of my mind for the last couple of days and all i can think of is, "crap, i have nothing to say!"

well, alright, that's not true.

actually i want to fill this post with cryptic sentences that only those "who were there" would understand. maybe write a little about how i made an utter fool of myself in front of the dean this morning by saying the testes are not connected to the urethra and that total parenteral nutrition comes in (horror of horrors) powdered form. or...or...express my concerns about a friend who is thousands of kilometers away. perhaps put into words how i am still kinda haunted by the guilt of not being at the beck and call of someone highly emotionally unstable. i could also tell you an anecdote about a woman who thought i was malay and wondered why i am still single.

but no. it's close to midnight, i'm wide awake thanks to the dose of caffeine i took earlier, and i'm just not really in the mood to write anything at all. after all that waiting for this page to load. urgh.

i'm so glad there's no case presentation tomorrow.

i'm gonna go take a long, hard look at my pathetic, doctor-in-training self now.

lishun at 11:31 PM