Wednesday, June 11, 2008


i have to remember that despite the lack of comments, a considerable number of people read this blog and pretty much all of them are smart enough to decipher even the most cryptic of posts.

i badly want to rant. i am still flaming mad. and yet, because this blog is hardly anonymous, i have to choose my words carefully. so it boils down to these 4 words, which my beloved deepee (deputy principal, to all you non-saints) stressed over and over again during my 2 years in sajc...

respect people, respect place.

if you can't even do those two things, i highly question your level of civic-consciousness, maturity and common sense.

oh and another thing, i don't like finding out that i've been lied to. if you want to make empty promises, you can go and make them somewhere else. just not here.

lishun at 9:09 AM