Friday, May 01, 2009

i <3 mr. scarlett johansson

i watched "x-men origins: wolverine" today. i didn't do any homework beforehand (about the characters duh), i haven't watched the other x-men movies, and i didn't watch it with people who have done both so that i can have a running commentary during the film.

in fact, i watched it alone, with the sole objective to drool over ryan reynolds. he's one of those atypical objects of swooning that i tend to love, alongside the likes of edward burns, ewan mcgregor, and paul rudd. mmmmmmm...

so imagine my dismay when he only appeared in his wade wilson/deadpool glory for all of a miserable combined 30 minutes. he didn't even play deadpool! that wasn't him in the end! he was only wade wilson the double sword-wielding fighter extraordinaire for a grand total of 15 minutes! what?!

perhaps i can seek consolation in the fact that there are talks to make an "x-men origins: deadpool" movie and that starworld will be airing reruns of "2 guys, a girl and a pizza place" in view of their subscribers getting mighty sick of "friends" season 10 repeats.

ok fine the second one's a lie, although i wish it weren't! berg the medical student was the only truly funny character in that show - other than ashley - and i miss him. sigh.

anyway, since there is no way that the one cool sword-action scene and the 5 smart-ass lines ryan reynolds delivered in the movie could possibly satisfy anyone who wishes she were scarlett johansson, here's a montage for your viewing pleasure.

anyone wanna go catch the movie again? hehe.

lishun at 3:23 PM