Tuesday, August 25, 2009

extreme jogging

the joggers in australia are hardcore. how hardcore, you ask?

they jog in groups of 3 - one trainer, two victims - with the trainer yelling encouragement at them as they run through 25kmph winds at temperatures around 5-7 degrees. at 11am.

an example:

victim: i took my dog out for a walk this morning and it was freez-
trainer: no! you should say "i took my dog out on a beautiful day and it was wonderful!"

good grief.

if i were living here, there is no way i would go running at a speed of at least 8kmph at 11 freaking am with crazy winds blowing straight at me, dressed in cotton attire with nothing more than a light hoodie and thick socks to keep me warm. i am not kidding you. they run in bicycle shorts. no tights. and surprisingly foul-smelling sea air in their faces.

anyway, i didn't get a picture of those joggers because they looked super stressed and ready to kill someone if they didn't fulfill their daily quota of miles jogged, but i did get a photo that hopefully conveys exactly how windy it was this morning at st. kilda.

the picture above is of 3 folks walking on the pier. i took it after spending a good 10-15mins in a fishing shelter in the middle of the pier, hiding from the wind. a guy came and set up a fishing rod right next to me without saying a word - a huge difference from the chorus of "good morning!"s i received as i walked through albert park earlier in the morning, in search of mart 130.

well, i'm blogging because i am, yet again, seeking refuge from the wind. gonna go and brave its fury again in a bit, but there's coffee and icecream waiting on that end, so that's something to look forward to!

see y'all!

lishun at 12:30 PM