Sunday, October 04, 2009

heavy books

doctor: what did you do yesterday? did you lift heavy things? walk alot?
me: um...not any more than usual, no.
doctor: pick up any heavy books? *chuckle*
me: hahahahahahaha...

even she knew just how silly that question was. exactly which medical student hasn't carried a heavy load of books? i brought home two monster textbooks (which i naturally left untouched over the weekend) and brought them back to seremban, but that isn't anything new.

anyway, that funny little exchange doesn't alter the fact that i am in pain. my back hurts more than usual this time around and i have an unbearable radicular pain down my left leg as well. i literally screamed at times during the drive home earlier this evening because of the pain. the moment i reached seremban, i headed for a clinic because i desperately needed a shot of analgesia.

so now the painkillers are kicking in and i have an mc for tomorrow, which i am currently debating whether to (ab)use or not.

heavy books. *guffaw*


i regret making light of the situation because the pain's still here, it's not getting any better, and it has confined me to my room. the only time my leg doesn't hurt is when i'm lying motionless in bed. it makes me feel incapacitated, completely useless...even more so now that i've learnt that my housemate is joining a medical relief team to padang on thursday. =(

way to break my pride, yo.

lishun at 7:09 PM