Sunday, September 13, 2009

7 days in melbourne, part 3

day 1 - bourke street

bourke street is shopping central in melbourne city and david jones is one of those departmental stores that students with very little money dread walking into because pretty much everything is out of their budget.

in the midst of all that mid-high end shopping was a man begging for money. i later saw him asleep on the steps of a store in one of the alleys perpendicular to bourke street, two nights in a row. the second time i passed by, i wondered if he were still alive.

day 2 - southbank

monday night was a rather painful one for me. i was done for the day by 7pm, almost unheard of for a malaysian. my cousin had first dibs on the computer, of course, so i decided to brave the drizzle and the wind and head out to the crown entertainment complex on the southbank.

the melbourne skyline was spectacular at night and the rain created an incredibly romantic atmosphere. however, it was wasted on me for two reasons - one, i didn't have a tripod, and two, i was alllllll byyyyyyy myyyyyseeeeeelllfffffffff.

i managed to get a couple of nice shots by leaning on miscellaneous poles and trees and propping my camera up on different elevated surfaces though, so not all was lost.

day 3 - mart 130

3 corn fritters served with bacon, chutney and sour cream. no problemo, right?

i was nauseous halfway through the second corn fritter. urgh.

day 4 - swanston street

have i mentioned how much i love the art scene in melbourne? it would be great to see artists in action on the streets of kayelle. this man earned a latte from me.

day 5 - queen victoria market

re: feng shui shop. my friend informed me that lillian too opened a feng shui shop in melbourne. it featured ridiculously expensive crystals and other knick knacks believed to usher in wealth and good luck into the homes of the gullible, not unlike the ones in malaysia.

i can't remember if she found success down under, but considering the presence of a feng shui shop in victoria market, i guess gullible people exist everywhere.

day 6 - royal botanical gardens

i have had the same desktop wallpaper for the last 3 years. it is a picture of a camelia outside my cousin's first hostel and i just couldn't bring myself to replace it with another photograph.

that may very well change with this picture. it was supposed to be a typical macro shot of a flower but the bee decided to make an appearance just as i placed my finger on the trigger. a serendipitous photograph such as this prolly deserves a place on my desktop, no?

day 7 - freddos

best. gelati. EVAR.


more soon!

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