Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tuesday morning

ever had one of those nights when you go to bed knowing that no amount of sleep will have you waking up refreshed and ready to go?

it's now 4am on a tuesday morning and i've had one of those nights. funny it was a public holiday yesterday, an occasion associated with lazy siestas and pasta dinners. instead i woke up with a headache that sustained throughout the day, paid a visit to a patient with an antenatal follow-up card as thick as a novel, and returned to a hot and stuffy room which further exacerbated my headache.

i went to bed at 830pm, knowing full well that even if i should wake at 730 in the morning (which i can't afford to, considering the amount of work i have to complete before i head off to the hospital), i'd be as lethargic as i was before i closed my eyes. it was so unbearably hot that i took a quick shower and opted to lie on the cool marble floor instead of my bed. as a result, i had short, fitful bouts of sleep before i managed to doze off about 10pm.

a phone call from someone i haven't heard from for a long time jolted me awake and i cursed under my breath, remembering why i usually put the phone on silent at night. it was an unwelcome call and i had to restrain myself from dishing out a good bit of sarcasm at the offending party before terminating the call, silencing the phone and going back to sleep.

i woke up even before the 3am alarm went off.

it's now almost 430am on a tuesday morning and it's gonna be a loooong looooong day.


*edit (at 715am): great, now i've got the runs as well. urgh.

lishun at 4:05 AM