Monday, December 21, 2009

when i am happy

in august 2008, i sent this email to the artist of modern love:

he had earlier asked readers to write about what they do when they are happy and i, being the kaypohchee i am, decided to give my two cents.

i didn't think too much of it until a couple of days ago, when i received an email from the artist, saying that a comic he drew the very same month was actually based on my quote.

swearing aside, i think it was a pretty interesting take on what i do when i'm happy!

what saddens me now is that the last time i was happy enough to make food for my friends was eons ago. boy, do i miss cooking up that big breakfast and setting aside those slices of ham and cheese to make sandwiches. sigh.

it's been a rather depressing december and i've found it difficult to get into the spirit of christmas. the gifts i made weren't made entirely joyously, eventhough they did give me an excuse to break away from the dreariness and breath-held anticipation of every panda-eyed morning just to do something for others.

there's still some bacon in the freezer. let's see if my mood will lift just enough to get me out of bed by 530am to cook up a breakfast...not because i'm happy, but because i hope it'll make me happy.

lishun at 2:56 PM