Tuesday, May 23, 2006

5 reasons i should keep off the pseudo pitch

1. 2 sprained ankles, 2 bruised shins, one grazed knee, one broken arm, a broken nose and a pair of broken specs. (see * below)

2. i can't play for nuts.

3. to say my stamina is appaling would be a forerunner for understatement of the century.

4. stuff like "get the f**k out of my way!" gets, erm, uttered in my face.

5. did i mention a broken arm?!


but i can't help it. futsal rocks. just try to keep me away from it. just try.

*note: none of the above happened to me (thank God!) but they are all injuries sustained by friends and acquaintances during futsal matches. worst that happened to me was being tackled rugby-style onto the ground by a senior and getting my darned frameless vanity-laden specs broken. for the 8th time. no worries, lishun is all-seeing once more. lol.

lishun at 11:07 PM