Monday, May 01, 2006

noodle post woohoo!

this is gonna be a noodle post. the only reason why i'm gonna blog about my 3-day weekend instead of revealing some cool epiphany i had while walking my dog is because i didn't have a 3-day weekend, i don't get cool epiphanies and i didn't walk my dog.


anyway the reason why i didn't have a 3-day weekend was because my schedule was packed full all of saturday and sunday.

i had to wake up freaking early on saturday so i could sit for the bloody malaysian university english test (muet) at smk assunta. stupid letter said i had to be there at 730am. bleurgh. the test wasn't too bad...i probably screwed up my essay because it was such an "easy" topic. "education today should focus on producing creative individuals. do you agree?" i rambled on and on about how competitive the world is today, blah blah blah...and then realised i didn't talk about the role of education. crap.

after muet, it was off to guardian to grab some toiletries as well as the eyeshadow trio i was eyeing (har har) for weeks. cheap, ok? it was less than rm20! trio! right. then got to the supermarket and restocked on milk before running home for a quick shower before i headed off to the hairdresser's to get ready for my cousin's wedding.

the hairdresser's silky terrier was darn cute. =)

with my hair ironed straight, my sister and i flew back home, took 15mins to make ourselves look pretty and then my family drove over to carcosa seri negara for my cousin's wedding.

it was a gorgeous wedding! aargh! guys in suits, girls in lots of pretty pearls and pink dresses (everyone was in pink...and there i was in my all-black prom outfit, gah), ribbons, silk, champagne. it was beautiful! and i missed half of it because my cousin, the groom, appointed me as one of the receptionists. had lots of fun sticking polaroids into the guestbook and chatting with the 150 guests.

my shoes, my divine heels, were an absolute torture. ah. the price of beauty.

once the absolutely touching wedding ceremony was over, we went off for dinner under a tent that was lit by candles. ah. the food was lovely, i've probably never had so much wine in one night ever, and i was amused to see chef wan there at the wedding. amused because, when the night came to a close, he went to have a chat with my cousin and gave him a peck on the cheek. eek.

or maybe i was amused because of all the bubbly. hic.

the wedding ended at 11pm, i got home right before midnight, fell asleep at 1am and had to wake up at 730am the next morning because i had to take my cpr exam.

stupid cpr. i know we went through the theory exam and we should be able to put it into practice, but a 2-hr practical training session and 1-hr practice session does not perfection make. especially if there were, i dunno, 40 of us and only 9 mannequins? crap. the examiners were all super nice people, yes, and 2 out of 3 of them were really really helpful, but did they really expect us to go through the million and one life-saving steps perfectly when most of us have never done cpr in our whole lives???

i think i failed. but i also think i am in the position to be childish and whine about it because...i can.

was pretty pissed off. went home, had dinner (the whole session lasted the entire day), and went to bed at 9pm.

i was supposed to go for a jog this morning, but hit the snooze button when it went off at 6am and opened my eyes at 8. had a banner to paint, so i started on it right after brekkie. spent 90mins on it. bleh. then my mother was like, come let's go for a ride and eat out for lunch so la la la my whole family went out and checked out some stuff.

while we were out, lili called me and asked if i was going over to sunway to meet up with her, debs, and nattie and i was kinda pissed off because no one told me a single thing about meeting up. but heck managed to get home in time to make it to sunway. so the four of us had some cake before shopping unproductively for a couple of hours.

then i sent lili home and got home and here i am, on the computer, supposed to be typing out questions for tomorrow's survey meeting and preparing the agenda for the pre-academic meeting meeting as well as writing emails and whatnot but i'm blogging nonsense that no one's gonna read anyway.

*deep breath*

alright. i need a break. am gonna have dinner. we're having curry! whooppeeeeeee!

lishun at 6:06 PM