Monday, May 08, 2006


He's given
joy peace love and
strength to last for the day
His mercies - new every day
sufficient, Your grace is amazing
thank You Father
for the mighty cross
so that I am Yours
mighty child of God

- extracted from "who am i?", the "x-cavation" cfcamp theme song, by ivy@mightylady

i spent the weekend at cfcamp, and all i can say is...i feel rejuvenated.

although my body is in its rebellious phase right now (sore muscles, sore head, sore eyes), there's nothing more refreshing than to be reminded of why i'm going through all this madness in uni, with the campaigns, conference, etc.

there's no other reason than that i'm doing it to glorify God.

that's my purpose. that's my mission. that's who i am. and i wouldn't have it any other way.


*p/s: do you see the addition on the navigation bar? yup, part of the campaign! if you would like to show your support for me in my bid to become the next vice president of the imu students' representatives council (src), do download the button and add it to your sidebars!

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