Saturday, July 08, 2006

another short one

i'm 21. i should be well aware, or at least three-quarters aware, of how the world really works. i should not be so naive, neither should i be disillusioned. i know what is expected of me, i know reality is not pretty and i know life is unfair.

i also know that even if i end up being appointed the secretary-general of the united nations, there will still be appalling poverty levels everywhere, there will still be people dying unnoticed in the streets in india and england will still not win the world cup.

i'm a realist when it comes to all that.

however, i still believe in doing what you love if you have the means to do it. i believe in fighting for what you are passionate about and doing everything you can to achieve it if you have the necessary support.

the fact that i still have "if"s in the previous sentences means that i am very much grounded in whatever the world tells me, but at the same time, i believe it's very possible to correct your mistakes, make a fresh start and pursue something you will enjoy and put all your effort into because it is what you believe in.

so don't say that i'm not being realistic, because i am being realistic. you gotta do what is necessary to ensure you don't live out the rest of your life in regret.

lishun at 2:41 PM