Wednesday, June 21, 2006


*note: this is a whiny post. if you (a) don't like people who whine, or (b) intend to give me a lecture on gratitude and blessedness and coat my petty complaints with treacle, i suggest you click here and just buzz off.


i am cranky.

1/4 of a molar on my bottom right jaw is gone. i am left with a gaping hole for a tooth, multiple ulcers because of the sharp edges from the chip, and a bad mood because you can never underestimate the effect a freaking broken tooth can have on your day. plus my mother didn't book me an appointment with the dentist although that was the first bloody thing i requested she help me do because the tooth was driving me crazy from the very moment i reached imu.

i spent a total of 4 hours on the road today. 3 of those hours were spent hopelessly lost in kl while travelling to and from jinjang clinic. it took me an hour to get home from imu - 30mins just getting out of bukit jalil alone.

throughout the entire day i felt like slapping everyone in sight just because they looked irritating. i wanted to slam my hand down on my car horn and scream my head off in the car because there were freaking idiots turning 2-lane roads into 3-lane disasters and people who slotted into lanes without using their bloody indicator lights and simply because i felt like if i didn't do something, i will definitely turn my car wheel and run myself into the divider because that will at least put me out of my insignificant misery.

i still feel like screaming and shouting and throwing a tantrum and destroying all the furniture in my room. i just want to grab a pillow and whack it against the walls of my house until my arms are too tired to do it anymore. i can honestly say that if someone came to try and talk to me now, i will just clamp my jaw onto their arm and sink my teeth, broken or otherwise, into their flesh just to hear them yell in pain.

the only thing preventing me from releasing every bit of frustration, irritation and irrational anger from the freaking lousy day it's been is that stupid annoying thing people get when they grow up. i believe it's called maturity or self control or something along those absolutely rubbish lines.


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