Wednesday, July 05, 2006

soap opera on the pitch

the world cup is the soap opera of football.

1. you can't really predict what's going to happen - unless you're a bank (nevermind they got everything else wrong) and even then, they could be - good gawd spare my weak heart - wrong.

2. the most unlikely people will screw each other (roo and ron, anyone?).

3. the villains are always dressed in black (no prizes here).

4. characters change personalities and then you don't know who to root for anymore.

5. they always end with tears.

so italy beat germany 2-0. kinda deservedly too, judging by the 45mins i watched (15mins regulation time, 30mins extra time). feel a little sorry for klinsmann's men; it's supposed to be their year.

but it's a soap opera where dead people come alive, missing people suddenly appear younger and loaded with new sex appeal, heroes slip away and, as the seasons progress, you find yourself not knowing what to think and not really caring anymore.

contrast that to the very predictable football leagues in europe and you'll see why, despite all the moaning and the groaning and complaining and whatnot, people still love the world cup. because you can open the newspaper every morning for a month and get a shock. plus the wise-mouths find their voices most often during the world cup season, so the "real" fans can have a go at 'em off league season.

anyway, it's late (early?). i have to be at jinjang in 3 hours. i had no intention of watching the match but my parents, bless 'em, woke me up at 430am because they thought i'd like to watch a bit anyway.

so, erm, "forza italia"? or "go portugal"? or "viva les bleus"? i dunno. i stopped rooting for anyone the moment the brazilians underwent a lobotomy.

lishun at 5:36 AM