Sunday, June 18, 2006

run fun with shun and jo

yes, i completed 10km again this year, shaving 10mins off last year's timing. whoopee!

i could not have possibly done it without God, because there is no way a ms.overweight-and-not-very-fit like me could have finished 10km without passing out on the way without some kind of divine intervention. there is also no way i could have finished the, erm, "race" (what race? at least five 21km runners finished ahead of me!) without my pal joanne by my side. she put up with my constant inability to keep running after the 5km mark and she just never stopped encouraging me to keep going. i'm really grateful for that!

well, it certainly is an accomplishment of some sort. we're now so psyched up about qualifying for the pacesetter's 10km run in september that we're making plans to go for that one too. hehe.

anyway, it was a good day. thanks joanne!

after the run

*note of vanity: i look awful in this pic! gah! gaaaaaaaaaaah!

lishun at 6:17 PM