Tuesday, November 28, 2006

glorifying unfaithfulness

"it's really good to hear your voice saying my name
it sounds so sweet
coming from the lips of an angel
hearing those words it makes me weak
and i never wanna say goodbye
but girl you make it hard to be faithful
with the lips of an angel"
- "lips of an angel" by hinder

i swear...

if i hear that song, or any other song exalting the glory of being unfaithful towards one's partner, one more freaking time, i will tear my hair out.

when on earth has it become fashionable, romantic or even remotely acceptable to cheat on the person you supposedly "love"? tell me, because i must have missed the ceremony marking the event that has made being unfaithful, or just having thoughts of being unfaithful, something to be...admired.

i heard hinder's song at least 6 times on the radio today, rihanna's twice and gareth gates' once. call me a close-minded conservative, but i worry about the more impressionable young people out there who have those songs on "repeat" on their iPods.

exactly how much do we value our relationships these days, if we can sing along to songs like that without giving a second thought as to how wrong it all really is?

lishun at 11:16 PM