Friday, November 10, 2006


in chronological order:

there were so many ways you could have responded to that outburst of immature injustice that was dealt to you by people you probably looked up to one time or another.

you could have said that their comments were unfair and that although they may not have intended to offend you, you were nonetheless hurt by their words. you could have also told them that despite what they said, they weren't in your shoes and hence could not possibly know the magnitude of effort you put into it, but that you know and you're proud of your achievements anyway.

you could have walked away being the more honourable party. but you didn't.

that's why i'm actually quite disappointed. you're better than that.


on second thought, it could be his mother.

if it were his girlfriend, it would make more sense to call her after the studying is done and he is lying comfortably in bed, longing to hear her voice before going to sleep. however, a call to his mother would have to be made before her favourite cantonese family drama comes on the telly at primetime, no?

so yeah. mother it is. lol.


no moonshine again this month. i chose to go home and finish up an impossible pbl instead. i hate the fact that i know how to prioritise. think of all the fun i could have had. bleh.


i didn't do well at all, but i didn't fail either. there were no tears of joy, but there were definitely tears of relief. this doesn't mean that i have lowered expectations for myself and will now be content with mediocrity. it just means that i live to see another day and will take up the chance to do better.

for that, i thank and praise God with all my heart.

but i never want to go through that kind of uncertainty ever again.


i will miss every single one of you when you leave. 2 more months.

lishun at 1:50 PM