Sunday, November 26, 2006

the one that got away

we're all familiar with "the fishing story". you know, the one where the fisherman goes out with his reel and rod, hoping to catch some big 'uns and earn bragging rights among his fellow fishing enthusiasts. he comes home with a bucket of average-sized fish, but his eyes are aglow with pride.

"what happened?" his friends ask.

his voice quivering with excitement, he explains, "let me tell you about the one that got away. it was *this* large and it almost jerked the rod right out of my hands..."


i have a story about "the one that got away". it got away because - in His own quirky, ironic way about doing His will - our paths crossed a year late. God could have folded the fabric of time so that every circumstance, as it is now, could have overlapped, with the start/end point shifted a year back. nothing needs to be changed, save the time frame. all God needed to do was reset time, wind it back and let us start at the same point.

if He did that, i might not have needed to write this blog post at all.

alas, like the fisherman who ended up with nothing but a story of missed chances and wrong timing, i have nothing to my name except an "aiyah" in my heart. i can't even pseudo-boast, cuz there wasn't any fish on my line to begin with.

anyway, i guess things like this happen for a reason. would we have regrets or daydreams otherwise? i might not have regrets, but at least i have my daydreams about the one that got away.

lishun at 9:22 AM