Friday, November 03, 2006

line busy

i knew someone in college who was known to be a tomboy. she stood next to lili and me during assembly and we became friends over mindless banter about what the teachers wore that day or whether the student council guy who said the prayers in the morning used old english ("...Thy mercies shalt not fade..."). he really did.

anyway, she spoke at a slightly higher volume than everyone else, didn't cross her legs when she sat down and basically did whatever she wanted, without caring if it were ladylike or not. that was what i liked about her. she wasn't afraid of being who she was.

one day, as we were having a bit of a break between classes, her phone rang and she picked it up. from the first "hello", i could immediately tell who called her. her normally husky voice changed as though she swallowed a lump of chalk (ref: brothers grimm's "wolf and the seven kids", you deprived-childhood-people). her tone was soft, sweet and very much unlike her normal speech. it was amazing.

when she hung up, i raised my eyebrows and asked, "boyfriend, ah?" the flush of her cheeks said it all.


you can tell alot about someone just by listening to the way they talk. if they're on the phone, you can even gather quite an amount of information about the person on the other line. we have a voice suited for every caller that comes through and, with the magic of caller id, it is no longer necessary to start off with a neutral voice before changing to the one you have assigned for the person who called you.

although the voice tells you plenty already, there are also other things that can clue you in as to what the two people conversing are like and what their relationship could be.

a call that comes in at a fixed time every day, without fail, is usually one's mother, wife or girlfriend. a call that goes out at a fixed time every day, without fail, is to one's mother, wife or girlfriend. only women - and psychotically jealous boyfriends that one should get a restraining order against, asap - demand things like calls at 9pm every night.


i don't think he's single. not anymore, at least.

unless he really loves his mother or is secretly married (also under "not single").


lishun at 10:31 PM