Saturday, December 02, 2006

special offer you can't refuse

it happened once, and it wasn't pleasant.

it took me 3 years to finally open up the door a little and give myself allowance to maybe try again.

but guess what? the exact same, freaking thing happened. again. and it still isn't pleasant.

yes, i know that life can be frustratingly ironic sometimes. when i think about it, i marvel at how ridiculously similar the circumstances of both situations are. i mean, this kind of clever planning to put together the most bizarre of incidents can only be done by the one and only original creator of dark humour, God.

i'm angry, irritated and slightly amused at all of this. i can't stop thinking about how incredible it is. as if the first time wasn't enough, God had to throw in a "get deja vu, now free with every purchase of irony!" to grab my attention.

well, He's got it alright. but just this time, i don't find His brand of humour funny at all. in fact, it hurts as bad as it did the first time.


lishun at 1:00 AM