Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a little bit

"a little bit of me & a little bit of you
we stay together for a little bit of truth
that no matter how little, we still deserve
a little of each other and a little bit of love"
- a little bit of poetry during a whole lotta stress

i am stressed. no doubt about it. this is the first time i am actually seriously cramming for an exam and there's still tonnes of other stuff to worry about on the side. there's necessary stuff, unnecessary stuff and alot of irrelevant useless stuff that is nothing but (you know i'm really stressed when i start imitating p.kumar) excess that needs to be trimmed.

you know what i mean.

and i'm bloody distracted by nothing and everything. all that zoning out halfway through some notes is getting on my nerves. aargh. aargh. i hate being irritable!

whinebitchmoan whinebitchmoan.

oh well, at least i win a kldp postcard from the oh-so-glam edwin sumun himself. yay.

lishun at 11:19 PM