Wednesday, August 29, 2007

three strikes

[ insert exposition on luke10:38-42 ]

i empathise with her. time and time again, she's been criticised unfairly, compared to her sister, with no one to defend her. she was wrong to be distracted, burdened, upset, but she knew the meaning of service, albeit in an incomplete manner. still, she was a good steward of the tasks given to her. she understood her role. His gentle berating kept her from straying from her true purpose yet He didn't condemn why should you?


i know what you're doing, don't think i don't. you became embarrassed when i overheard what you were saying, you answered my question reluctantly. you looked down when i caught you at it, your voice softened as you acknowledged what i said.

i'm not going to say anything this time. you know what you're doing better than i do. just don't think you'll get away with it because you know it's wrong. your conscience will haunt you. i don't need to say a word.


i'm really really tired. may i please exchange my yoke for Yours?

lishun at 10:35 PM