Friday, March 28, 2008

the difference

"so why have you come today?"

"i've had a sore throat and headache for slightly more than a week now."


"no, no fever."

"you sure?"

*places thermometer on my forehead*

"see? 39 degrees. what made you think you didn't have a fever?"


and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between a 3rd year medical student who relies on her own flawed judgment and a doctor whose had at least 3 years of work experience, seeing people come in every day with the same symptoms.

so yes, i hit the jackpot with the 20% chance of developing a fever. i am now a temporary druggie dependent on amoxycillin, paracetamol and pseudoephedrine. i slept a straight 12 hours last night (thank God it's a holiday today!) but my right shoulder still hurts.

hopefully i can give my liver and kidneys a break tomorrow by going off the paracetamol by the end of the day.

lishun at 9:03 AM