Friday, May 23, 2008


maybe i sleep in the day because the night sends unspeakable horrors that tease my tired mind. when i wake, they fool me into believing i have rested, only to bring the curtains of slumber across my eyes when the air grows heavy and a single voice drones in the background. those stolen moments bring me the anxiety that continues to haunt me through the day and into the night, growing into the monsters that invade my dreams.

maybe i sleep in the day because i dare only to be vulnerable in the dark. the demons see my defenses fall and swoop in to capture my thoughts. perhaps my nights are fitful. they do not allow me peace. yet the morning greets me with ignorance and a false assurance that i was indeed granted rest in the night.

it doesn't matter. i sleep in the day and dread the nights. the deception continues.

lishun at 8:32 PM