Tuesday, June 03, 2008

three smiles

when i saw you that night, the first thought that came to my mind was "man, i missed you." i missed the laughter that follows your voice, the subtle smile in everything you say. how great you look in the simplest of clothes. you don't even need to try.

i am jealous of your effortless attractiveness, as if you took my share of appeal. but there's no point in competing for your affection so you'd share it with me. i am content with what i have, who i am.

still, i missed you.


"don't feel insecure. girls like you were meant for love. girls like them are just meant for eye candy. honest. now, i trust you're deep enough to feel confident?"

there are some days when i let myself be overcome with what the world says about me, when a postsecret postcard cuts right to my heart. not pretty enough. undeserving. should probably have to settle. be cynical.

then i get an sms from a friend who is way too sweet for his own good (people aren't gonna believe you anymore if you keep saying things like that, y'know?) and a surge of optimism puts a smile on my face for a while.


it was blazing hot when i did my weekly chores yesterday. the sun was unforgiving and the position of my house meant i received its full fury while i unleashed my own fury against the stubborn stains on the living room floor.

2 hours and several indie tracks later, i was having dinner in my room when a breeze came in through my open balcony door. the sky had turned from crimson to violet to a deep midnight blue. there wasn't a cloud in the sky, but there it was - a light shower came down and a musty, algae-tinged scent rose from the ground.

i smiled. it's gonna be a good 6 hours of sleep tonight.

lishun at 11:42 AM