Wednesday, July 16, 2008


dull, bilateral headaches, of moderate severity, at the back of my head every other day, each episode lasting about 30mins. photophobia. drowsiness. nausea. presyncope. exacerbated by lifting my head up. relieved by paracetamol and closing my eyes.

hypoglycaemia? it just happened a while ago, right after i had dinner. withdrawal symptoms from coffee? i didn't have any coffee, although right now a mocha latte doesn't seem like a bad idea at all. sleep deprivation? i've been a good girl, sleeping at least 6hrs a night.

maybe it's a physical manifestation of the stress i've been trying to suppress for so long. what am i stressed about? i have no idea, considering how "easy" surgery has been. hardly any case presentations, relatively simple cases to clerk and read up on, patients that are too tired from operations and chronic bleeding to be uncooperative...

i need a new hobby. or new friends. or even old ones. i dunno. or more oranges.

lishun at 8:34 PM