Thursday, July 10, 2008


i have spent 101 days at home, out of the 192 days in the year so far. that means a little less than half of my time this year has been spent in seremban. by the end of december, i would have spent around 196 out 366 days away from home, which is slightly more than 50% of the year.

the only reason why that percentage isn't higher is because i only started clinical school in march and this semester, i have the pleasure of the longest electiveselective-free holiday - 3 weeks of bliss in august that i do not wanna waste. i'm sure that 2009 will yield an even greater number of days spent in seremban.

that pretty much means that this house is more worthy of the name "home" than my actual home in least for these 2 years. that would make my housemates a kind of family, wouldn't it? and family means we look out for each other, are considerate of each other, keep each other in thought when doing things and we treat this house as more than just a place to sleep after a long day of ward work and seminars.

so why do we still "forget" to do the assigned chores, need to be reminded to pay the rent/bills on time and fail to keep the common areas clean? why do we still see each other as people who happen to live under the same roof rather than people who spend a significant amount of time together? we are living separate lives while sharing the same breathing space and it irks me.

i don't even care about the chores not getting done anymore. i just care about the fact that after more than 100 days of living together, there is no sense of ownership towards the place we spend most of our time in. there are no divided zones in this house. we share the responsibility for the whole place and for each other.

maybe we're just perfectly good people who are nice to those outside these walls but only tolerating one another. i have no idea why. perhaps i should look at my guilty self and wonder at myself.

lishun at 7:06 AM