Sunday, October 19, 2008

need to draw

here i am to worship You, here i am to sing Your praise
for You are the only One, the Holy Son
the name above all names

here i am to bow before You, here i am to seek Your face
for You are the One and only, the God almighty
the unending source of grace

the radio was off. the words above came out of my mouth and filled the car with a calm that i hadn't felt for a long, long time. i wasn't looking forward to leading the discussion with the eager hearts of my juniors that night. i was tired and sad. my emotions were in turmoil. i had cried earlier while speeding back on the highway. why? i didn't know. but those words above flowed from my lips and i knew, i just knew, that He is more than enough for me.

even when i am lacking, He makes sure i do not shortchange His people of His word. He was the one speaking that night, while sending peace into my tumultuous heart and giving me quiet confidence.

the unending source of grace. oh how i need to draw from You now!

lishun at 2:51 PM