Wednesday, October 15, 2008

waiting for the fever to come

in between infants and foetuses, i've managed to rack up a persistent urti (with no fever), posture-related lower back pain (which is worsening again), and a 5-hr sleep cycle which gets me to bed at 11 and up at the computer at 4.

i'm still waiting for the fever to come. just waiting. for any excuse possible to get an mc so i can sleep an entire day. can't even do that during the weekends cuz my niece hijacks my bed the moment i get up in the morning and i don't want her hijacking my parents' room just because she can't have mine. sigh.

anyway, random thought before i go to off to the hospital: i wish avocados were as cheap here as they are in indonesia. i miss alpukat. =(

lishun at 6:46 AM