Friday, October 03, 2008


after goodness knows how many years of saying i'll get one...i finally have a webcam! and it's made for skype, so it has the headset and microphone that my friends *cough*waisun*cough* have been bugging me to get! whee!

and it's mighty clear too!

oh hello more time-wasting and non-studying days!


i also went for a chinese massage. yes, my back still hurts. it's worst in the mornings, aggravated by movement and certain positions. i can't bend forward keeping my knees straight...not too much anyway. it's alot better today, even before the massage, but yesterday was horrible. sigh. anyway, i think the massage left me with lots of bruises - i haven't checked yet - because now almost everywhere on my lower back hurts when i apply pressure onto it. gah. GAH.

lishun at 8:56 PM